Nastie B❣tch

I'm a nastie trashy bitch. I'll get involved with a nigga, slob on a nigga. Then I'll take all his dough and then I dodge a nigga. Cuz I'm a nasty bitch, I leave a nigga dead broke. I’ll Snatch ya bread and cop a brand new coat. I'm da jazzy type and I'll only let you eat it if you ask me right, my coochie mad tight. Well more juice than a grape when you peel the skin, but yo ain't no fun if your tongue ain't in. So nigga fuck me with your tongue til ya lick my heart. I gotta body like a coke bottle watch me walk… so nigga work your mouth and don't talk. • Home • Ask

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I wonder if this is who I think it is? lol

Just now seeing this, lol! Haven’t been on here and forever! :71:

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Stick yo finger in my butt and my this pussy nutt

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